I. Identity and address of the responsible.

Rico, Robles and Libenson, S.C. (“RRL”), with address in Juan Salvador Agraz 73, 19th Floor, Santa Fe, Cuajimalpa, Mexico City, Zip Code 05348, in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Individuals, its Rules and the Guidelines of the Privacy Notice (jointly, the “Law”) lays for your disposal this privacy notice (the “Privacy Notice”), in order to let you know the terms and conditions for the treatment of the personal data.

II. Data that will be required and purposes of the treatment of the personal data.

The personal data that is obtained orally, written, o through any other media, will be used for several purposes among them: (i) provide the services we offer, (ii) provide to our advisors, partners, clients, employees or professionals the necessary information for developing our activities, and as the case may be, (iii) implement our processes of recruitment of personnel. For the purposes mentioned before, we require to obtain certain information, including, as the case may be, the following information: name, gender, birth date, birth place, nationality, address, phone number, e-mail address, as well as all other information that is given to us in relation to any process of recruitment, on the understanding that for the case of hiring we can require the supporting documents related or additional than the one previously mentioned.

III. Mechanism for expressing the negative.

The owner of the personal data has the right to oppose that his personal data is used for de purposes described in the previous section. In the case that he wishes to exercise this right, the owner of the personal data must do it according to the stablished in Section IV of this Privacy Notice, in the next 5 labor days counted from the date that this Privacy Notice has been put to his disposal, in order for RRL do not treat their data for such said purposes. Otherwise, it shall be understood that the owner approves the treatment of his data for all the purposes previously mentioned. We make notice that without limiting the foregoing is in perjury of what is stablished in the article 26 of the Law and other applicable provisions.

IV. Transfer of personal data.

Likewise, we inform that your personal data can be transferred and treated inside and outside the country, by different people that RRL. In this regard, your information can be shared with people with whom we have a professional or business relationship and/or that are suppliers of goods and services, with the intention that those persons carry on activities or provide services by the name of RRL and/or in your name, as well as in the cases provided by article 37 of the Law. If you do not express your opposition for your personal data to be transferred, it will be understood as you have granted your consent for said transfer.

When accepting the terms of this Privacy Notice you expressly authorize RRL to transfer your personal data to such third parties, being nationals or foreigners.

V. Resources for exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition or the revocation of the consent.

You have in every moment the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose to the treatment that we give to your personal data, as well as revoke the consent given for the treatment of them; except for the cases foreseen in the present notice and in the Law. For such effect please send an e-mail to rchazaro@ricorl.com

RRL will give an answer to the request in a term no longer than twenty days by the same way in which the owner had carried on its request.

VI. Procedure and way in which the responsible will communicate to the owners the changes in the Privacy Notice.

We keep the right to perform, in any time, modifications and up-dates to this Privacy Notice, for the attention of legislative or jurisprudential development, internal politics, new requirements for the providence or offering of our services and market practices. Any modification to it must be published in the website ricorl.com

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