The Firm keeps continuously active in the energy sector, especially in connection with the developments arising out of Mexico’s watershed Reforma Energética of 2013, and we have been significantly involved in high-level discussions with relevant authorities in connection with various aspects of the implementation of the Reform.

Our experience encompasses a broad spectrum of sectors such as hydroelectric and other renewable energy projects, as well as waste-to-energy and waste-to-biofuels, to name a few.

Regarding oil & gas, we have provided advice in connection with upstream (including mature well incentivation, farm-outs and ancillary services), midstream (including storage terminals, pipelines, etc.) and downstream projects (including M&A and maquila projects).

In the power sector we have gained significant experience with several aspects of the newly-created market participants, including qualified electric energy brokers (suministradores calificados).

Finally, the Firm is involved in a number of aspects regarding not only financing equity vehicles for the sector, but also in the development, structuring and execution of the projects themselves.