One of the core assets of the Firm is its ability to design a dispute strategy that leads to a business-efficient settlement within a short time after taking a case. Most of the commercial disputes that our partners have handled are essential for the clients’ business.

Our clients therefore place a high premium on reaching a sensible result. Our work in this area entails identifying the different offensive and defensive alternatives that our clients can pursue; fitting these alternatives to each client’s ongoing business requirements so as to avoid disruptions to their ordinary activities; drafting the core litigation documents; coordinating the implementation of the alternatives selected by the client (often involving different areas, e.g. a civil strategy combined with criminal procedures); and drafting and negotiating the settlement documents.
Settlements reached by the Firm’s lawyers are often as complex as full-blown commercial transactions. Because of the group’s knowledge of pure transactional work, we are regularly able to craft settlements that enhance the value of the agreement for our clients. Our work in this area spans across judicial litigation and arbitration.